The nicest thing one of my flatmates ever said to me, was when I moved out of our beautiful apartment in central Amsterdam. She said:
And you know what? She was (amster)damn right. Maybe not this particular apartment right next to one of the city's dreamy canals but Amsterdam still feels like home. It's not the same as it was when I left but neither am I the same person. This city and I are still lovers but both of us went through different stuff ever since I left about 2 years ago. And that is fine because change is not always a bad thing. In fact, change is amazing. 
When I first moved here in 2012 it was the first time that I had to live on my own. And it was that moment my parents left when I realized that there is no going back. From now on, I would be living without my family. For the rest of my life. Abroad. And it was quite overwhelming for me at first.
In fact, I had a very difficult time. Not knowing anyone, not speaking the local language and my English wasn't the best either at that point. I felt a little lost and when I also happened to hate university everything got even worse. While 2012 is not necessarily a year that I associate with positive feelings and thoughts, 2013 was definitely an upgrade. I got my first ever proper job, earning real money, being able to completely finance myself. I traveled often. I got tattooed a lot. I met some of my favourite human beings here. And I loved everything about it. Hell yeah! But you know... always leave them wanting more!
Well, I guess what I am trying to say is... this place was home and still is. The whole last week felt like meeting someone you love but you kind of know that it's over for good. It was amazing and I am actually kinda sad having to leave tomorrow.
But alright, enough of this. Let's move on from this little emotional moment of love and gratitude.
Just as I did in 2014, I will leave to Asia from Amsterdam airport tomorrow morning. A great opportunity to see some old faces, I thought. And what can I say? I had an amazing week here*.

First and foremost, I got to spend Valentine's Day with my parents who came all the way from Germany for goodbye hugs and hometown gossip. They are legends. When I went home to Germany over Christmas I didn't really say good bye because I thought I would go home at least for one more day before leaving Europe, however, things got a little tight so I decided to skip Germany and travel straight to Amsterdam. Luckily, Bremen isn't too far from the Dam and my parents are pretty cool. If not the coolest. Hab euch lieb!
Another person I haven't seen in forever and got to hang out with is my dearest Philipp - the Bill to my Gates, the Mother to my Theresa, the Flaw to my NikeIDs. We spent one day in Amsterdam and one day in Phil's city of residence which is no other than The Hague. Bist der Beste, weißte selber.
And then there was George, Kim's kitten. Kim and I met through my ex-housemates and we actually never hung out until I already moved away. Kinda weird but yea... we kept in touch via Instagram and eventually became fraaaands. That's why I love the Internet, people. It's my favorite invention ever. Anyhow, back to George. Kim wanted a kitten for such a long time and when she finally got one she kept spamming all her social media with this cute little shit that people actually got annoyed, so I was pumped to finally see him with my own eyes. And yea, what can I say...
He's damn cute... and I don't even like cats that much.

Well, let me tell you!
Tomorrow I am leaving for Singapore, however, I won't get there before Saturday night due to a stop-over in Oman. I am super sad that I won't be able to use my layover time in Muscat to actually see the city because I'll get in quite late... On Monday I'll visit Malacca in Malaysia for the day. It takes only a few hours by bus to get there, which, by the way, was announced UNESCO World Heritage in 2008, and therefore constitutes the perfect day trip. I am looking forward to it at least.

Next week Thursday I will touch down in Korea. Finally! I am really itching to start uni again, my brain hasn't really been in use for a couple of weeks now.

*Special thanks to my beloved angel Anna who let me stay at her place all week and always treats me like a unicorn queen. You are truly the best and I wished we would see each other more often! Thanks for always believing in me, Annalein! Te iubesc mult! 

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