Hello, Singapore!


What's up everyone?
It's been 4 days since I have left Singapore, so I am happy to finally write about my experience in this cute little country to Malaysia's very South.
After spending one night at the International Airport of Muscat, which definitely made it in my Top 5 of horrible airports, I got into Singapore the night from Friday to Sunday. This meant: another night at the air port. But first I had to find my missing luggage. I didn't just exit the airport at the wrong terminal which meant that I wasn't able to access the correct baggage belt and caused a lot of paper work for me to re-enter the transit area, but no... when I finally made it to the right terminal and the correct baggage belt, it turned out that my bag and I had taken separate flights. "Indonesia? What is my bag doing in Indonesia? Well, never mind. I hope it's having a great time wherever it may be right now...", I hear myself saying. We were reunited after 2 days. Fortunately, I had packed enough clothes into my carry-on, so it wasn't a big deal at all.
I stayed at a hostel called Bohemian Chic, only a 1min walk away from the subway station "Chinatown". The staff was super friendly and the guy working at the reception upgraded me and gave me a capsule bed. I have stayed in these kind of beds before and they're super spacious and comfortable. It's like a room within a room because these beds come with curtains, so you have quite a lot of privacy in there. Breakfast was included, the shower and toilet facilities weren't the cleanest though, but you can't expect that much when you only pay 99 SGD for three nights (approx. 60 Euros). I enjoyed my stay a lot nevertheless.
The food in Singapore is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and ridiculously cheap, provided that you know where to go. Especially Little India and Chinatown are great for low-budget tourists like me. I don't want to spend 20$ on a dish at a food chain, when I can get the same meal in the more local areas. Yes, they are often more difficult to find. Yes, you might be the only "Westener" but c'mon... what's the point of traveling if you stay within your comfort zone all the time? You could also just stay at home then. My experience from my previous Asia trip taught me that the shadier a food stall looks the better the food.
Yes, trust me. This was especially the case in Vietnam. Most people didn't get sick from enjoying the amazing and fresh street food but from eating at fast food chains. The stalls are great because you often get the chance to get really close to the food you're about to eat. You'll be able to see and smell it - at food chains the food is prepared behind closed doors. They have dropped your burger and still gave it to you? You'll never find out because you were most likely not able to sneak a peek at the kitchen. Makes sense? Have faith. Follow the locals. It will save you so much money and will most likely not disappoint you. Especially in Singapore, where almost everyone speaks English. It's worth a try!
...Singapore has changed its time zone 6 times since 1905?
...there's a city in Michigan called Singapore, too?
...you can find the national anthem printed in microtext on the back of the 1000$ bill?
...Singapore is called the "lion city"? Even though, there were never any lions in this city?
...Singapore is both, a city and a state?
...there's a Coka-Cola machine at the National University of Singapore that dispenses a bottle of Coke if you hug it?
 The city is definitely worth a visit. 4 full days should be enough to see all the important stuff. I like going to museums but I didn't go to any during my stay here due to financial reasons, yet I had a good time. You won't get bored here even if you're on a budget. The markets, different districts, parks and other sights are really colorful and will keep you busy for a good amount of time. I tried to take it really easy, also because I was struggling with jet lag a little bit for the first two days. "Sleeping" at airports two days in a row took its toll on me... Maybe I am getting old, I don't know. Help!
So, I enjoyed snoozing at the Marina for basically a whole day, trying to recharge and just relax and it worked out quite well, I must say. The Marina area is full of interesting architecture. In general, if you're into these kind of things Singapore is the place to be. There are lots of quirky buildings all around the city, you won't get bored, I promise.
A lot of buildings are high-rise due to the limit of space in this country. The only way is up. However, you don't feel intimidated by it for some reason. In my opinion, it's still a rather green city with lots of parks. A lot of the skyscrapers have little gardens in between levels or on their roof tops, too.  Go and check it out yourself! You won't regret it!

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