I be trippin' - Malacca, Malaysia.


On the 22nd of this month I jumped on a bus taking me to Malacca, Malaysia. The streets in Singapore as well as in Malaysia are comparable to European ones so it only takes about 3 1/2 to 4 hours to get to the small but very pretty UNESCO World Heritage City. The buses are rather comfortable with lots of leg room and even single seats for people like me - traveling on their own.
I spent about 4 hours here. All the sights are literally in one and the same place so if you're on your own it can get boring quite quickly. I won't recommend spending more than one day here. There's really not much to do. Unfortunately, most museums here are closed on Mondays so that was an additional obstacle.
The city has about 490,000 inhabitants and is the capital city of the state of Malacca. It's only about 150km away from Malaysia's capital city, Kuala Lumpur. From Malacca you can take a bus there for less than 5 Euros, so that's a real bargain. I paid about 20 Euros for my return ticket from Singapore. We had about 34°C so I was literally melting and went home with a tiny sun burn - of course. The whitest girl alive strikes again....
There's not much to say about this trip to be honest. I was just walking around, taking pictures, having some Malaysian food and then went back to Singapore around 4pm. The bus I took from Singapore did not stop directly in the city centre of Malacca, so I had to catch a local bus into town which is a bit tricky to be honest. The bus route is a circle so when you want to get back to the "central station" to go back to Singapore you have to get on exactly where you got off. 
No one really knew when the bus would depart from Dutch square or how long it would take to get back, so in case you ever go to Malacca: make sure to schedule well. Of course you could also take a taxi, however, the bus is only 2 Ringit while a taxi will charge around 15-20 Ringit. As I have already mentioned in my Singapore posts: FOLLOW THE LOCALS and throw yourself into a little adventure. 
I am in Korea now, so my following posts will mainly revolve around my life in Suwon and what it's like to study at Kyung Hee University. Hope you're still on board?

Take care.

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