Korean Food


Korean food is amazing.
While I am sure that a lot of people back home think that all they eat is rice I'll have you know... you are wrong. Korean cuisine is actually quite diverse and people here really love food. Good food. 
Yes, a lot of dishes are based on rice or at least have it on the side but you know, you really get used to it and I still enjoy eating it. Rice is really filling yet not too heavy. Koreans also eat a lot of meat. Pork, beef, chicken - you name it. Seafood is also really big here. 
A very random dinner at my friend's house a couple of weeks ago. My room mate Lydia and I were craving eggs and because she's gluten-intolerant we are quite limited when it comes to eating out together. So we just got some eggs, rice, tofu, tuna, rice, lettuce and pork. Simple, yet amazing. 
Just a typical dish at our dorm's cafeteria. 
Mandu (만두) are Korean dumplings. They are usually filled with with minced meat, tofu, green onions, garlic and ginger and you eat them with a dipping sauce made of soy sauce, vinegar and chili. Some of them are boiled, deep-fried or, as the once in the picture, 'baked'. They are cheap and very filling. 
Bibimbap (비빔밥) is one of my favourite Korean dishes. It's basically like a salad + rice and just super tasty even though it's such a simple dish. 
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a rice burger. Yes, indeed. A burger made of rice. Delicious, cheap and suitable at every time of the day. We have two places selling these in our dormitory building so of course we had to try them. No regrets. 

Mandu, Seafood bowl, Korean BBQ, Udon Noodle Soup

The dorm cafeteria tries to offer at least one 'Western' meal per day... the other day we had this, actually, quite delicious curry and fish cutlet. They serve soup with every single meal here... most of them fast like ass but I'm not a big fan of soups in general so maybe I am the wrong person to judge... 

Last, but not least, Korean BBQ. You basically order raw marinated-meat and then grill it yourself right at your table. You usually get a bunch of little tapas-like dishes with it but you can also order several add-ons like soups etc. It's the best thing ever and I could literally eat this every single day, all day. 

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