Midterms and finals are a big thing here at Kyung Hee University (KHU). You basically take up to six courses, most people take five though, at the same time and after seven to eight weeks you have your first exams - midterms. Taking several courses at the same time is very new to me since the Swedish system is quite different from the one here. We take courses in blocks, so we usually focus on one subject for about 4 weeks, get a take-home exam and then start a new course. Not so in Korea apparently.

I had four in-class exams in three days (my fifth subject is a group project). Others are busy with their exams for much longer depending on the courses they are taking - I was lucky though.
I started studying about a week before the exams and spent a couple of nights at the library which is open 24h during exam periods.  And people actually do make use of these opening times... a lot of students came in way after 11pm and pulled all-nighters which I personally couldn't do. I'm too old for this kind of stuff - I'd rather sleep than desperately try to hammer something into my brain that I will forget anyway after 5mins because of tiredness. I also saw a lot of coffee and energy drinks around so maybe that's the secret to all this.
I didn't get any results back yet but I think I did quite well (considering that I invested a minimum amount of time at least). We'll find out soon!
Finals are in June. One of them is in May and 3 out of 5 classes are presentations so that's good. I'd rather prepare a presentation than take any more in-class exams. In-class exams just don't make any sense to me but let's not go there, I could rant about it all day...

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