Two Months Korea Update


I AM ALIVE. And man.. so much has happened... a lot of alcohol has flown, tears, sweat, lots of laughter, lots of food has been consumed, money been spent... all in all, I am having the time of my life over here. University is fun but my social life here is the bomb so I tend to give it priority - which people should do when they study abroad, no? It's all about that cultural experience...
They say pictures speak louder than words so have a look yourself. This is a very limited gallery of the passed couple of weeks but it gives you a solid overview I'd say. I also just realized that I don't have a lot of pictures from going out which I blame on Soju. While other people tend to create a whole movie on Snapchat when they're drunk I am that kind of person that forgets to take pictures. Whoopsie.
Just me and the best room mate one possibly could have :)
Also under heavy influence of alcohol in both pictures... 
Sometimes you just gotta selfie, right? 
 We spotted these amazing cats in their natural habitat in Gangnam, Seoul. 
 Campus, taken from the roof top of the engineering building. 
 Peace Plaza
Our beautiful library 
 That one time Tara and I accidentally went to a cherry blossom festival in Seoul
Waiting for the bus in front of the dorms is not too bad when you have a view like this 
 More Campus impressions 
 ... and aaaaaaaall the beautiful cherry blossom trees. 
Drinks on drinks on drinks at Thursday Party that are about the size of a newborn. I may or may not have ended up vomiting my heart and lungs out that night...
 Hongdae - my favorite, favorite district in Seoul. It's like an Asian Berlin kinda... 
 Taken from Tara's roof top in Itaewon 
Making new friends wherever we go... 
More frieeeeeends

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