... who's the prettiest of 'em all?
Beauty is a big, big thing in Korea. Seoul is the Mecca of plastic surgery and wherever you go, you'll easily find a doctor willing to make you just a little more beautiful. 
Roughly one in five women ages 19 to 49 has undergone plastic surgery here and the number is growing each year. Round foreheads, pale skin, double-eyelids, puffy eye bags (called Aegyo-sal), thin yet round cheek bones, V-shaped jaws, long and straight black hair... the Korean dream - at least when it comes to females. Koreans have high standards when it comes to their own society, not necessarily towards foreigners though. They understand that 'we' look different, yet, you will often find them staring at you in places that are a little less touristy. 

They say that Koreans are the best when it comes to make-up and beauty products. And this is something I can definitely confirm. You will hardly ever see girls around that are not dolled up. Mini skirts, the shortest shorts, dresses everywhere - every day is a fashion show. Only on a Sunday you might spot a girl in her PJs and slipper-and-sock-combination.
I personally don't mind people who like dressing up as if there was a tea party every single day, however, when a whole generation of young women seems to do it, you start wondering about things like societal pressure etc. 
Besides that,  the pressure for women to be beautiful and flawless is probably just as high as for men, I believe. Men do get plastic surgery here a lot as well and it is not unusual to spot a guy wearing a thick, thick layer of foundation. I've seen quite a few at least, but maybe I've been just extraordinary lucky... who knows. 
Considering how competitive this country is and how everyone is striving for perfection in all aspects of life, whether it is their looks or career and what not, I am kind of happy to have a different background sometimes and I am honestly not surprised that the suicide rate is one of the highest in the world.
According to Al Jazeera English, each day 50 Koreans commit suicide. 
If you're interested in this topic then I'd recommend to watch the following documentary especially dealing with South Korea and their suicide issue:

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