Christmas in Paradise...


Guys, today is a good day! 
Not only has my weekend just started, and yes, it's only Wednesday, but I also just booked my Christmas holidays to no other place than
Big thanks to Catherine and Eric for selling their country so damn well to me... good job, guys. Without you I'd be a little less broke now...
My semester at La Trobe ends at the end of November and before flying back to Europe I am going to check out Australia a bit more, New Zealand, and now also, Fiji for a bit. Flights to this corner of the globe are usually so, so, so expensive so I thought why not... and I don't mind spending Christmas away from my family that much. I have two or three weeks in Germany before returning back to Sweden so we'll have enough time for belated Christmas celebrations.
My first atypical Christmas EVER - I am beyond excited!

If you have been to NZ or Fiji hit me up, please. I'd love to get some travel advice from you.

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