Mochis & Flower Pot Pudding


Last weekend was not only suuuper long (5 days of sweet, sweet freedom) but also extremely delicious.
My room mate Lydia and I explored Seoul a little bit (even if you've been here for years, there's new stuff popping up all the time - this city really doesn't sleep ever) and went on a Japanese rice cake (Mochi) and Flower Pot Pudding adventure. YUM!

''Flower Pot Pudding, Leah? What is that?''

Worry no more and let me show you. You ready?

They have three different flavors: strawberry, banana and espresso. Lydia tried strawberry and I had the espresso option. Both of them are delish and more like a really creamy cake than traditional pudding.  

The place - which is called Banana Tree 바나나 트리 - is a little tricky to find and you have to walk for about 15min away from all the touristy stuff. If you're ever in Seoul you should definitely check it out, the address is 526 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. A classic flower pot is about 6500 (approx. 4,80€) so quite pricey for a rather small dessert but oh well... it's worth the Instagram picture if you know what I mean... 

Before we had this delicious flower pot dessert we went to Mochi Story - a rice cake store. 
Rice cake doesn't sound very exciting and tasty, I get that, but it's definitely worth trying. The rice cake store is also located in Gangnam and just about 2mins walking from Sinsa station. The store is Totoro themed (Totoro is a 1988 Japanese animated fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki) and just adorable. 

They offer a bunch of other flavors e.g. tomato, pineapple, mango and lots of others that I honestly can't recall right now... shame on me. But there's a flavor for pretty much everyone I'd say. As you can probably tell from the pictures above, we've tried the melon, strawberry and grape ones. Each kind costs about 2500 and 3500₩ (1,80 - 2,60€) so that's definitely also more on the treat side and less an everyday snack. I was skeptical before trying but they are honestly very tasty and the melon one was the most delicious thing ever

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