Two Girls Versus One Serbian Meat Platter


Tara and I went on a little date last night in Itaewon a very popular district in Seoul. Itaewon is pretty multicultural so there are lots of cuisines to choose from - sometimes it's okay to say nay to Korean food, you know? We went to a place called Belgrade which is specialized in typical Serbian dishes such as cevapi, rolled chicken, batak, stuffed chicken, pljeskavica, sausages and so on. DELICIOUS. 
The restaurant has a bar on the ground floor and more seating on the first and second floor. The building reminds me a little bit of typical Amsterdam houses coz it was quite narrow in its architecture. The interior is really cute and just how one would imagine a Serbian restaurant to look like. 
We had to wait for like 15-25min till our food was ready but considering the amount of meat they had to prepare that's absolutely okay. The place was kinda empty for dinner time on a Friday night which I think was a bit surprising considering how good and fresh the food was. 
The platter was humongous and we were definitely not able to finish all of it. So you can easily share it with 3 to 4 people. We paid 49000 KRW (which is approx. 36 Euros or 40 USD) and definitely appropriate. If you are based in Seoul or plan to visit in the future, I'd definitely recommend coming
here if you're getting sick of Korean food. You can find them here: Itaewon-dong 118-4, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. They also offer home delivery within Itaewon and surrounding districts such as Hannam. You can check their website and menu here: *click*

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