10 Websites Every Student Should Know & Use


There are many, many websites out there that are super handy when you're a student but a lot of people have no clue that these actually exist.
Here are my Top 10 websites every student should know about!

1. TheSaurus.com 
Synonyms, definitions, translations, antonyms - I use this website a lot when writing academic essays. No professor likes essays that use the same vocabulary over and over again and the moment you are desperately trying to think of a synonym is usually also the moment you can't come up with it by yourself. Fear no more, this site does the thinking for you! Here's an example:

2. Booksee.org
The amount of money this website has saved me? Probably a couple of hundred Euros. They might not have every single book you might need but I am pretty sure you will find at least one or two pieces of mandatory course literature on there.

3. CiteThisForMe.Com
This website has made my life so much easier. Especially when you study social sciences like me and you have to write a lot of essays this will come in super handy. It has different settings for the various formats of citation so you can use it for Harvard, Oxford and whatnot - they'll have it available and ready to serve you. It took me a while to figure out this website but once you know how you'll love it!
So basically you just type in whatever book, article etc. you are looking for (I've just randomly picked Stephen King, he was the first to come to mind) and it will give you some suggestions. Oh hey, 'Misery' was exactly what we wanted and because CiteForMe is a smart little one it already knows every thing about King and this book so you just click on it and this will happen:
It gives you the in-text but also the bibliography reference - you can now just copy and paste both and you're done - awesome, huh? And it's for free - hooray!

4. Google Scholar
Couldn't find this one article you were looking for in your school's e-library? Yea? Me neither, coz it happens a lot. Google Scholar might help you out in this situation! I personally don't use it a lot but I know people who basically get all their academic sources from there when writing a paper so who knows, you might be one of them.

5. Mint.com
Mint is a website designed to help you with your spendings and savings. Mainly interesting for American residents.

6. Audible.com
Audible isn't for free but might turn out to be a game changer for you if you're not really into reading but more of a listener. Working out? Use audible and listen to that book you're supposed to read while simultaneously working on your booty game.

7. HackCollege.com
Hack College is a website with a collection of useful advice for uni students such as "Hot Food You Can Make In Your Dorm Room" or "Tips for Speaking Like a Pro" ... there are many more, you should just have a look yourself!

8. Selfcontrol.com
More like an app than a website BUT it's fantastic especially when you're like me - I am the queen of procrastination and can't focus for the life of me. So you just set a time and you won't be able to access websites like Facebook, Twitter and whatever could possibly keep you away from what you're actually supposed to do. Little downer here: it's only available for Mac users.

9. Ted 
I haven't met anyone yet who didn't know what Ted Talks were BUT there's always a slight chance you haven't. Ted.com is a website full of inspirational and informative talks on literally any topic you could possibly imagine, you name it.You can also find and subscribe to them on YouTube. It's the easiest way to widen your horizon and learn about knew things without having to put much effort into it. One of my favourite Ted Talks is this one by Andrew Solomon which basically deals with how our world is constructed, acceptance etc.

10.  Quizlet 
Quizlet is a learning and education app/website. You can e.g. create your own flashcards or use flashcards uploaded by others. 

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Have you heard of any of these before? Which website do you use that is an absolute life saver for you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I'm obsessed with Quizlet also, it was so helpful during my exams. Thanks so much for the recommendations, I'm sure I'll make use of these:)<3

  2. Such an interesting and helpful post! I couldn't live without Thesaurus!


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