I am not usually someone who gets homesick. I used to a lot when I was a kid though - school trips were always a nightmare for me so it's kinda funny that I ended up moving around so much now. I honestly don't know how that happened but anyways... My point is that I most definitely miss Germany sometimes. I am not planning on moving back to Germany anytime soon, however, I love going back for a couple of days about twice a year - sometimes more if my schedule allows. I'm usually home for the Christmas holidays and my birthday and one or two weeks during the summer to hang out with my family and friends. So here are my Top 8 things I miss about the land of beer and sausages:

1. The Language 

I miss German. I know that a lot of people don't think that it is a beautiful language but I do like it a lot and I do miss speaking German from time to time. I think it's a very rich language - I mean, it's not a coincidence that the greatest philosophers of all times spoke German, no? I am not saying that their 'greatness' is related to their nationality but I am sure that the German language played into it. 
Without wanting to sounds cocky, but even though my English is on the level of a native speaker, German is yet my mother tongue.
The less German I speak on a daily basis the more I notice how difficult it is sometimes to come up with the easiest words. 

2. Missing German Music

I usually miss out on new music. The only German music genre I keep up with from a distance is Hip Hop (Danke Flippimausi!). Every December I go home and hang out with my friends from high school. When we go out clubbing and they play German songs everyone's hyping I'm just like "yup, no idea..." which is annoying and most of the time I spend the days after on Spotify, desperately trying to catch up. 

3. Seeing My Friends 

I miss my home town friends, obviously. People I've known for years and that I managed to keep in touch with even though we only see each other twice a year. If you're wondering who your real friends are: move abroad and you'll know

4. Pretzels 

No comment. I miss my salty lye rolls and you have no right to judge me for being such a stereotypical German. 

5. Clubbing

Not sure if it's the German clubs themselves, the people, the music, the cheap as hell drinks or my home town friends that make clubbing so much fun in Germany but I always have the best time going out back home.

6. The People

I miss the Northern mentality. The dialect. The chatty attitude. The sass. If I ever had to move back to Germany I'd definitely stay in the North. I've been to all corners of the country and even though I might be biased, coming from the North myself, I believe that the people in the North are, not the best, but the friendliest, most chill and most comfortable to be around in the country. So maybe they are in fact the best... 

7. Healthcare

Ever since I've moved away I've experienced a bunch of different healthcare systems and I must say that this is something I really miss about Germany. It's not about having it easier because of language barriers but the system and the quality itself is often very much different. Personally, I try to stay away from foreign healthcare and get everything done in the mother country but unfortunately that's not always possible. 

8. Prices

Especially after my move to Sweden from Holland I realized how cheap Germany actually is. Groceries? So much cheaper. Rent? SO MUCH CHEAPER. I seriously miss German supermarket prices. Everytime I go back home I am amazed how cheap everything is (veggies, alcohol, meat... everything). In Sweden, a bottle of 300ml Vodka is approximately 120 SEK if you go for the cheapest one which is due to the state's monopoly on beverages with a percentage above 3,5% alcohol. I'll leave the conversion of the currency up to you but make sure you take a seat before you hit the enter key - the result will probably knock you over. 
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  1. I am so jealous! I’ve never been outside of the U.S. (typical American, right?) and both Germany and Sweden are on my “visit someday” list. I love how willing you are to travel and try new things!

    1. I mean it's kinda typical but the U.S. is also really far away from everything.. Europe is so much smaller and it's so easy to go from one country to another... You have to keep in mind that Germany fits into California like six times or something like that...