Finger Tattoos - Some Things You Should Know


Finger tattoos are really, really popular now and have been for quite some time. A lot of people have them, a lot of people regret them.
6 months ago I had my fingers tattooed by the very talented Sarkanice in Berlin, Germany.
If you are thinking about getting your hands or fingers tattooed here's my advice on how to tackle this idea.

1. Be 100% sure. 

Finger tattoos are a commitment. You have to be aware that you CANNOT hide them. Other small tattoos might be able to be covered with camouflage and makeup but that is not possible with hand or finger tattoos. You have to be aware that this can affect your career depending on which sector you work in. You will get questions about a) the meaning of your tattoos; b) if it hurt and c) if you regret them. Don't get anyones name tattooed. Don't get anything offensive tattooed a) it's not cool and b) I guarantee you, you will be embarrassed at some stage of your life.

2. Do your research. 

Reading this post is the first step into the right direction. Read. Read as much as you can. You are about to commit to something rather big so the least you can do is read. Read reviews, watch YouTube videos, look at before and after pictures. No one will be able to exactly tell you how much it's going to hurt but they can give you an idea of their experience and maybe even change your mind.

3. Find a good artist. 

Your favourite artist will probably tell you "No, I don't tattoo hands and necks". It happens a lot. Especially when you are only lightly or not tattooed at all. It's rather tough to find someone (I can only speak from a European perspective) who will do it. So find a bunch of people you like and send emails to all of them or even visit their studio directly if they are close to wherever you might live. Tell them exactly what you want. Don't be like "I kinda want this but not sure, what do you think" or "Maybe you can come up with something for me?" No. It's your responsibility to know what you want. The artists is not the one, or at least should not be the one, who has to decide what you will have to walk around with for the rest of your life. If you don't know what you want, don't get tattooed. Period. Instagram is a fantastic way to find good artists, just browse through the tattoo-related hashtags and I am sure you will find many artists that you would like to get a tattoo from.

4. Save some money. 

Hand or finger tattoos are expensive even though they are usually rather small. A lot of artists who actually do tattoo hands (a lot of artists DON'T - please respect that and don't try to convince them) will touch up your tattoo for free and therefore initially charge you a little more. Hand tattoos fade - you will definitely have to get them touched up at some point if you want them to look nice for a long time. Don't be cheap - you are getting something that will hopefully last forever and that you will have to look at for a really long time (if all goes well for you). I am a really stingy person but when it comes to tattoos I'd rather spend a lot of money than regret any of them.

5. Be aware. 

As I briefly mentioned above already: hand tattoos fade. Your tattoo will change. It will not look the same way the day you had it done compared to six months later. Especially palms and the insides of your fingers regenerate so quickly it's basically not worth it getting them tattooed at all. That is something you should definitely be aware of. I love my finger tattoos even though I have a little blow out and even though it has faded a little - the circle of life. I will have them touched up as soon as I am back in Berlin, maybe in January 2017.
Source: Tumblr

As soon as you have found an artists and a motive: wait. Wait a few months, maybe a year. If you still like your idea, go ahead. Don't go on tumblr one night and visit a studio the next day - that's not how to do it. You are being impulsive and stupid. I always wanted to get my fingers tattooed but I waited a few months till I actually had them done even though I am already quite heavily tattooed.

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