Music is such a big part of my life. My brother and I grew up with classical music and playing instruments ourselves which I believe contributed to me not being able to ever leave the house without listening to something. I can't really fall asleep well when it's dead silent which is suuuper convenient when someone sleeps next to you. The "Hey, would you mind if I'd listen to music rather than your peaceful snoring? Thanks!"-move is always a bit awkward unless the people you sleep next to are your homies. I am glad that my German girls  (<3) back home are just as weird as me when it comes to falling asleep - the list of audiobooks we've listened to when having sleepovers is endless. Yes, we are 12. Forever.

Every now and then I like to sit down and just browse through Spotify (#TeamSpotify #SoWorth10BucksPerMonth) in order to discover new music. For hours. Literally, hours. It's one of my favourite things to do actually... Does anyone else ever do this? If not try it, it's pure happiness. Trust me!

I like looking back at what I have been listening to at different times throughout the year. Often I just find myself listening to a song and it brings back this memory of a specific person or a certain place. Sometimes a blurry moment, sometimes everything seems so real even though weeks, months or even years have passed. Music has this magical power to bring back moments you seemed to have forgotten already.

Here's a bunch of songs I've currently been listening to (click on the title in order to be redirected to a YouTube video. The video will open in a new tab. Some of them might not work in countries such as Germany though, sorry) and also a bunch of pictures I haven't posted yet from the past few months.

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