Throwback to 2014



As the title might reveal already, today I'll do a little magical throwback to 2014 #timemachineWTF
The other day I've looked through all my pictures and found so many nice memories, I really wanted to share them here one more time! 

What was your favourite place you’ve visited?
The Great Wall of China.

What is your favourite country you’ve visited that year?
 Japan. I absolutely loved it. I've been to Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyoto. Osaka is my favourite though!

How much did the trip cost you in total?
I don't really believe in this German mentality of "let's not talk about the money" but honestly? I don’t really know. I started spending money on this trip in Sept. 2013 and still had some credit card bills to pay just about a week after I had already returned back to Europe. I've spent about 2000 - 2500 Euro for flights and about another 1000 for accommodation. I’ve also had to pay a little fee to my volunteer organization which was about 700 Euros. In total I would guess that I’ve spent about 6000 Euros in total including food, flights, visa, insurance (thanks Mom and Dad for the sponsoring), vaccinations and accommodation. For a student that might sound a lot but keep in mind that I was working full time for a really long time and I’ve also worked a lot of overtime during that year (and by 'overtime' I basically mean that I literally LIVED at my desk for the first half of 2014) in order to finance this trip… so yeah - it’s expensive to travel. 
What do you mean "Volunteering?"
I was volunteering for a few weeks in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Teaching English, working at an orphanage, serving and preparing food at a soup kitchen. I wouldn't do that again but the experience was nice and I've met amazing people (I'm still in contact with some of them and even gonna meet one of the girls next month in Melbourne!). Never, never, never go abroad with an organization. It's not worth it. There are a lot more better options out there. 

The little boy I mainly took care of during my stay... LOOK AT THIS CUTE FACE!!! His parents left him under a bridge so he ended up in the orphanage. 

Why did you volunteer in Vietnam? Why not somewhere else?
That's tricky. Actually I didn’t even want to go to Asia at all. The original plan was to go to Nicaragua or Belize. Kind of ended up at the other side of the world, I guess...I wanted to go somewhere where I didn't have any kind of relationship to and I couldn’t find anything in Nicaragua or other countries in Central America at that time. 

Did you travel by yourself?
I did travel by myself but that doesn’t mean that I was alone at any stage of my trip. There was always someone around to talk to if I wanted to. I am actually a strong advocate of "leave your pals at home"... It's easier to meet people when you're alone and you have more of these "Eat Pray Love" -kinda-moments. It's worth it. You won't be lonely, trust me. 

What was the scariest moment? 
There hasn’t been a moment where I had to be worried about my security, however, arriving in Israel after midnight and getting off at the central train station was a bit scary. Even the taxi driver told me that this wasn’t the right place to stroll around at night for a lady. Or guys. I mean, I obviously survived everything so don't worry to much about your security when traveling but also don't be fucking stupid. 

How many bags did you have with you?
I had two bags with me - an Osprey tracking backpack and a little Deuter carry-on backpack. 

How much did your bag weigh before you left and how much when you came back?
I left with 13 Kg and came back with 16,6 Kg. Not too bad for being on the road for approximately 4 months, huh? 

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