Rainy days in BUSAN, South Korea


Last Tuesday was my last day in Seoul. Last Wednesday was my last day in Suwon. On Thursday morning I took a train from Suwon down to Busan and yesterday I've had my last day in Korea. It feels weird. Don't get me wrong, I am also super excited for the rest of this year but right now it just feels weird and a lot of things play into that... but let's not talk about it and rather look at some nice beach pictures because who doesn't like the sea?!

My friend Sarah came to meet me in Busan on Friday afternoon so I've spent Thursday night on my own just staring at the sea and digging my toes into the sand. Unfortunately, Thursday was also the only sunny day up until we left therefore we've spent most of the time wearing our ridiculously-looking rain coats.
Friday started with a walk along the beach before Sarah finally got to Busan. She somehow managed to book the wrong hostel though so we had to figure that out first but after about an hour everything was sorted and we went to have a super late lunch together followed by some bowling. After throwing some balls around we went back to the Hostel, had dinner and then got ready for the night. We went to Thursday Party as well as to the Fuzzy Navel and had a pretty good time up until the point when Sarah started throwing up. Twice. Aaaaanyways...

Saturday morning and afternoon were super mellow since we had gone out the night before. We started the day with having lunch and then made our way up to Gamchon Village which you can see in the pictures below. It was so rainy though that we only had a quick look around and then spent about one or two hours just drinking coffee and discussing life. In the evening we went to check out the Gwangan Bridge which apparently is one of the must-see's but turned out to be quite disappointing. The light show is nice to look at for one or two minutes but gets a bit repetitive after a while. Also there's no music underlining the show so that might be another reason why we've left before it was over. I took some pictures but the quality is pretty shitty so I'd rather not show them here.
Sunday was a rather lazy day. We actually wanted to go and visit the fish market near Busan Station but time was running and the market is about an hour away from Haeundae Beach so we would have wasted 2 hours just for traveling back and forth. Instead we just escaped the rain by going to the movies and watched The Conjuring 2. I haven't seen the first part but since it's a completely new story it didn't really matter. It's not super brutal but it definitely made me jump here and there.

Busan is definitely different compared to Seoul. The people there seemed to be a lot nicer for whatever reason and even though the weather was super shitty we still had a very good time.
I'd definitely recommend to check it out if you get the chance - just make sure you order some sun before you go!

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