Saying Good Bye // Leaving Korea


This post is harder to write than I originally thought...
Today is my last day in Korea. I am currently at the airport in Busan and just about to board my plane to Taipei, Taiwan - my last stop before Australia. I had the most incredible time in Busan and it's so weird to know that I won't come back here. That I am not just leaving for a vacation and then come back.

Saying good bye is always difficult. I've said good bye a lot in my rather short life but I've also witnessed a lot of hellos. And it's good to know that not all hellos necessarily end up in good byes. Some are 'see you later's. Some are sad. Some are happy. Some are loud. Some are completely silent.  When I first moved abroad I didn't know all this. I never had to say good bye before. 4 years have passed and now I am a pro at waving and telling people that if the universe thinks that we belong together it will lead us back to each other. Cheesy, I know, but that's what I believe in - what can you do. Things that are meant to be will always find back to each other.

When I first got nominated for exchange studies in Korea I wasn't too excited. Korea... I've been there before. All I remembered was the disgustingly hot summer temperatures and overly crowded streets. Korea... not even my first choice. More like the left overs no one else wanted. Korea... I don't know.

If you're thinking about studying abroad or doing an internship overseas I can only repeat myself and tell you: GO FOR IT! People don't write cheesy-ass posts like this for no reason - it changes you and it will always be something you'll remember.

I'll try and take my four days in Taiwan as a time to reflect and think, to explore and simply be happy about how blessed I am to be able to experience all this. I wanna read; and eat all the food and get lost in this place I've never been to. I'll keep you posted.

Bye Korea. I'll miss you. Until we meet again...

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