Australi-yeah! The Journey Begins...


Okay, let's be honest, I've been here for a while now, so it's more of an "and the journey continues" kinda situation... I'm very sorry for the delayed update. I have been quite busy with settling in, making friends, orientation week, the first week of uni, hunting kangaroos, exploring Melbourne, getting back to the gym, trying to sublet my apartment back home in Sweden and I've actually also managed to get myself a job here too.

So the last 24 days have been quite an adventure already. Actually, the whole of 2016 has been pretty bananas and I am definitely enjoying every second of it. Up until now I was convinced that 2014 has been the best year of my life but 2016 definitely pushed it off the throne - by far.
The first week here was a bit boring. I live in on campus accommodation and most students hadn't moved in yet when I got here - mainly because La Trobe wanted us to be here 2 weeks prior to commencement to enroll and register for courses. So the first week was dedicated to exploring Melbourne, getting lost on campus and a wee bit of socializing. I also spotted my first ever real Kangaroo - yay (....and ate some too, Kangaroo meatballs are delicious!!!). La Trobe University has eight campuses (EAT THAT, MALMÖ HÖGSKOLA) and the one in Bundoora, the one I study and live at, about an hour North by tram from Melbourne's CBD has a wildlife sanctuary on campus which also holds some kangaroos. You can literally just walk in there and pet kangaroos whenever you want*. So weird yet so awesome.

*don't ever try petting wild kangaroos, they can be mean little creatures and kick the s#!t out of you.
If you ever make it to Australia, make sure to treat yourself and swing by Doughnut Time. They have the most delicious and most sinful doughnuts (vegan options available!) of all time. One is about 6$  so definitely not super cheap but you won't regret it, I promise! As I said, it's a treat. 
Melbourne is full of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and most of them are independent, so don't expect to find lots of chain restaurants here.

Even though it's winter now most days can be survived only wearing long sleeves without freezing your butt off completely. Other days are just cold and gross. Melbournian weather is pretty temperamental in general but I am more or less used to it from Europe. Germany and Sweden are not in particular famous for their good weather either unfortunately.
Street art is huge in Melbourne. You can basically find it everywhere you go and most of it is insanely beautiful.
If you ever make it to Melbourne and are into street art make sure to check out AC/DC Lane, Hosier Lane, Centre Place, Flinders Court, Union Lane and there are many more. However, Hosier lane is by far the most well-known of them. The art here changes by the hour. If you go there on a Monday and come back on a Friday you'll probably not be able to find that one piece of art you liked so much anymore. I like the idea of how temporary everything is there - a good metaphor to describe life. Nothing lasts forever - not even beautiful things (...or especially beautiful things?!).
Fitzroy is probably my favourite place in Melbourne - being its smallest,most densely populated  and first Melbournian suburban area ever -  almost half of Fitzroy's population was born overseas which makes it one of Melbournes most diverse areas as well. Art, cafes and a bunch of vintage stores offer you everything the modern day hipster needs. If you like Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen or any other hip city you will definitely feel at home in super cool Fitzroy. 
The Victoria Winter Night Market around Queens Street is probably one of my favourite things I have done, or lets say visited - so far at least.
It's basically lots of food stalls from all over the place, live music and other kinds of performances, clothing, candles, jewelry and other bits and pieces. If you happen to be in Melbourne between 1/6 and 31/8 you should definitely swing by on a Wednesday between 5pm and 10pm. Don't forget to bring some cash and lots of appetite. I'm definitely going back soon to enjoy a bread bowl - that's for sure.

Three words that describe Melbourne pretty well, I believe. I totally get now why it has been ranked the most livable city for years  and years in a row. It's green, hip, sustainable, artsy, open-minded, always changing, well-linked by public transport compared to other Australian cities where public transport is more or less non-existent, laid back and full of fairy lights. It gives you the feeling that you are welcome wherever you are from (but okay let's be honest, I am a white European exchange student with wealthy working class parents, I don't know if my opinion counts that much when it comes to being welcomed with open arms...).
Anyways, I love this city already and Melbourne is a heartbreaker for sure. I definitely can't wait to see what else it has to offer and spent more time exploring.
Anyways, borrowing Arnold Schwarzenegger's words: I'll be back. And I mean soon... not like "in a month"-kinda soon. I promise. 

Take care! 

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