Exploring Victoria: San Remo, Phillip Island, Mornington


Hello there hi, my beautiful people!

Last weekend Jess (the one from my last post) and I went on a little mission to explore Victoria. 

Victoria is Australia's most densely populated and second-most populous state overall but also the smallest state on Australian mainland. There's lots to see and do so Jess picked me up in Bundoora on Friday night and we headed back to her place in Langwarrin, about 42km south of Melbourne. We didn't really do much that night except for going to the movies and because we're old ladies, and Jess had been up for almost 18h spending all day at work, we went to bed before midnight. Them good ol' wild Friday nights, am I right? 

Saturday morning we left for San Remo, the last little town before you cross the bridge to Phillip Island. The pelicans get fed daily at 12 noon on the foreshore next to the San Remo Pier and honestly... I don't know if I like them. From a far they're kinda cool but the closer you get the weirder they look. They look a little like oversized ducks, don't they?! I don't wanna discriminate but...I mean ....do we really need oversized ducks? Do we really? 

Jess also took me to this beautiful 'little' and kinda hidden beach but we didn't stay for too long. It was so windy, the sand hitting our faces seriously hurt. By the way, did you know that the coastline of the Australian mainland stretches more than 30,000 km? With the addition of all the coastal islands this amounts to more than 47,000 km. That's a lot if you think that the diameter of the earth is ... do you remember? BASIC GEOGRAPHICAL KNOWLEDGE! If you don't know the diameter of the earth, girl, you better go and google this ASAP and I hope you're deeply ashamed while doing so. 

The Nobbies, basically a bunch of rocks right off the coast, are absolutely stunning! We weren't lucky and didn't get to see any seals (apparently you can find Australia’s largest fur seal colony down there) but oh well... maybe next time. We saw some nesting little penguins though. Better than nothing, aye? Also: LOOK AT THE VIEW!!! 

I AM SO IN LOVE WITH VICTORIA! How could anyone hate this? I mean, I get it. It's windy... and maybe also a bit cold around this time of the year but come on... This literally is my definition of joy and happiness. Give me some ocean and an amazing view and I am all yours. I do have a theory that I was a mermaid in an earlier life so maybe that's why? I don't know... I just like water, okay?! Thanks.

We had a lot of time to waste between checking out the Nobbies and the Penguin Parade so 
after enjoying the stunning view we went down to Churchill Island which, lets be honest, was a bit of a disappointment and we only really went because Jess's Mom recommended it (thanks, Tracy...). If you're into sheep, bulls, long walks in the freezing cold and bird watching Churchill Island is your place to be but we had a quick look around the gift shop and then left again. 

We stopped in downtown Phillip Island for some fish and chips and then aimlessly drove around for a good 15min until we saw a sign for a tucker farm (not to be confused with the word 'trucker'!!!!) and off we went: adventure time. The Rhyll Trout & Bush Tucker Farm is basically exactly what the title holds... a café with a farm and a trout pool in the backyard. That's it. Nothing too exciting and they actually take quite an expensive admission fee for you to have a wander around the farm - so we only ended up getting tea and sweets (Jesus, we sound like the biggest haters. No appreciation for sheep and birds, not willing to pay admission... I SWEAR WE HAD THE BEST TIME!) 

A bit disappointed that the farm wasn't what Jess told me it would be like (eating worms and other gross stuff) we slowly, slowly started getting ready to see some penguins but stopped for a glass of wine on the way at the Purple Hen Winery. Yes, wine. Again. Jess made it her personal mission to turn me into a wine connoisseur while I'm here and lets be real - I'm not even mad. And no, we didn't just have a look and then left. We actually stayed for a bit this time. 

Look at this beautiful sky and the waves! Oh Australia, your nature makes my heart sing. And my feet cold. By the time I took this picture we we've actually already been sitting outside for about an hour waiting for the penguins to get home. Yes, last Saturday I was waiting for penguins to get home... That's a little bit of an odd thing to say I have to admit but it's the absolute truth. 
So basically the penguin parade is you sitting on a big-ass staircase with 500 other people (mainly Asians) for an hour waiting for the sun to set so that the penguins can make it out of the ocean without getting eaten by some very hungry big birds. And even though it's sounds pretty lame it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen. The penguins down at Phillip Island are about 30cm tall and while you watch them waddle home you can actually walk with them on your way out yourself. The wild life center that takes care of these little penguins built a bunch of paths through the vegetation so you can actually get really close to our tuxedo-wearing little friends. Adorable, that's all I can say. 
Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take ANY pictures there but oh well... everyone knows what a penguin looks like so I guess you'll just have to believe my story without any picture evidence. Life's hard.

Sunday morning Jess took me to a farmers market somewhere between Frankston and Mornington. Food, crafts, fresh veggies... you name it. We had a stroll around the many, many stalls and then got in the car to go to Mornington. 

"Oh look, Nigerian Tacos!!!" said the excited little boy to his friend while I just stand there hoping that he'll eventually find out that he was not even close. Not even a teeny tiny bit. 

Mornington very much reminds me of the place my grand aunt lives and where our family would spent one or two summers back when my brother and me were still little humans. On a clear day you can see Melbourne and Geelong right on the other side of the bay - my phone's camera wasn't good enough to capture the skylines though - screw you, Apple. 

 I seriously had so much fun last weekend and I am so lucky to have Jess for showing me around even though she's seen everything like a gazillion times already.

During my midterm break, which starts next Friday, Jess and I are going on a long trip along the Great Ocean Road. I really can't wait to explore and see more of beautiful, beautiful Victoria! Australia is really good at this whole 'nature' thing, let's be real.

Anyways, I'm gonna go and lock myself into my room to finish all my 432343920148492 assignments that are, of course, all due on the same date. Thanks, La Trobe - I love you, too.

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