Back in Asia // Hong Kong & Macau


Oh Honk Kong, I don't really know where to start. My stay here was extremely short, extremely packed with sightseeing and a day-trip over to its sister Macau, the other autonomous region in China. 

What I liked about Hong Kong is that it's very international, full of delicious food and pretty similar to Seoul. Easy to navigate yet challenging here and there. The public transport system is excellent, as in most developed Asian countries I have visited, and there's lots to do. 

The "balcony" (or construction) makes me laugh every time I stumble upon this picture. I've seen more of these in many other parts of town as well. It definitely throws me back to my time in Korea. On the one hand you have this super developed society and on the other hand you see stuff like this all around town.  

While the balcony gives me Korea vibes, the picture above definitely scream Melbourne at me. Street art seems to be a big thing in Hong Kong and I LOVE IT. Look how pretty the colours look in this kind of light, what's not to love? 

Every time I go to this part of Asia (this was my third now), I go visit a temple. A) because there are just so many wherever you go and b) it has kind of become a ritual. I am by no means a religious person but I like the atmosphere in temples. They're calm plus they smell like a good ol' smokebox - I love the smell of incense (not in my own house though...)

Victoria Peak is Hong Kong's most popular tourist attraction I'd say. The line for the cable car was extremely long and it took at least 2 hours to finally get up there but in the end it was so worth it. You really do feel unimportant and small when you're on top of the world. And look at the weather!!!
The day before I left to go back to Germany for New Year's, I decided to take the opportunity to go to Macau. Macau is only an 1.5h away by ferry so definitely day-trip worthy. The trip costs around $50 return and most people don't need a visa to visit. I almost missed my ferry in the morning because I first couldn't find where to get my tickets that I had booked online the day before and when I finally had found out almost fainted when seeing the immensely long queue that didn't seem to move at all.
10min and one angry Chinese lady yelling (you get used to angry Asians after some time though) later I got my tickets but now had to run for my life to make it through immigration in time. Eventually, I've managed to reach my ferry 1min prior to its departure - never again. Next time I'll just stay home. Kidding, I am too cheap to wast $50....

Macau is very shiny. I've never been to Las Vegas but I am pretty sure that Macau is its Asian equivalent. Everything is big and bigger, gold and copper... but then you also have the old town which makes you feel like you're walking down a street in Portugal. I wouldn't want to live there but I really enjoyed my day there.

Foodwise I really, really liked this incredible-looking ice cream I've treated myself to from Foodies in Hong Kong and the Portuguese Egg Tart that is a traditional must-eat in Macau! Can only recommend!

I have also taken a lot of selfies in my last few days of 2016... because a) why the hell not and b) Hong Kong was the first place in a really long time to not completely melt my face off with its pleasant 20-25°C, so wearing make-up was actually possible. So here, have my December face rocking my Korean glasses:

Next post: New Year's Eve and my birthday in Germany! Can't wait to see you there!

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