Back to Holland // KHU reunion in Utrecht


After five short days back home in Germany I took an early bus to The Netherlands on the morning of the 6th of January to visit my friend Tugce! Tugce and I have met a couple of months ago in Korea during our exchange at KHU. She lives in Utrecht which is only a 5-hour bus and train journey away and since bus tickets are ridiculously cheap between Bremen and Amsterdam and I really missed my old home I kind of had to take the opportunity.

It's also way cheaper to fly to Copenhagen/Malmö from Amsterdam than from Bremen so I basically killed two birds with one stone. Or three since I also got to hang out with my dearest friend Philipp, who I've met when both of us worked for Nike in Amsterdam, and who now lives in Hilversum working at the Nike European Headquarter. If I had to describe my January 2017 with one word it would definitely be "reunion".

Coz my time in Holland was limited and I wanted to spend enough time with both, Tugce and Philipp, I introduced them to each other without further ado and luckily they got along so well, despite Philipp's dark humor, we basically hung out together all weekend. Yay to new and old friendships! 

The 4 days I've spent in Utrecht, Hilversum and Amsterdam passed by way too fast and soon I found myself at Schiphol Airport waiting for my flight to Copenhagen. 

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