New Year, New Me? // Home in Germany


After pretty much exactly a year of being away from Germany I've finally made it back to the mother land just in time to celebrate the new year with my friends from high school and family. It has become somewhat of a tradition that I am home in Germany for NYE and my birthday three days later. After traveling for 24h from Honk Kong to Moscow and from Moscow to Düsseldorf plus a three hour car ride back to Bremen, I had five days of fun ahead of me.

I don't make it back home very often even though Sweden is not too far away from Germany. Even when I lived in Amsterdam I'd probably only be home twice a year, because work would get in the way or there was simply no point in going e.g. when all my friends wouldn't be home because they'd be at uni and my would have to work all day. Christmas, however, is when everyone returns back to their roots and my parents usually don't work over the holidays.

My trip back home was quite busy but that's also due to the fact that I only had five days before heading to The Netherlands to see a friend. I've celebrated NYE with my favourite German girls and family having brunch at my house in the morning and very intoxicated festivities at night, I've finally completed the first aid course I wanted to take for such a long time, I've celebrated my birthday by hanging out and going to an exhibition on German music between the early 20th century and today with my parents, reunited with a friend I haven't seen in 5+ years and ticked off obligatory doctor visits I would have to pay for back in Sweden. All in all a very successful short (but sweet) trip home back to where it all started.

I am not someone who is a big fan of new year's resolutions - if you want to start or do something you should just do it no matter if a new year is around the corner or not - but I definitely have some things I want to accomplish or do this year such as: graduating, finally getting my driver's license (just never gotten around to it), travel, go surfing again, get (at least) one new tattoo, start with a Master's or find a proper job in my field, move abroad.... That's just a few things to start with, leaving all the emotional and more personal stuff aside (and I'll have you know, the list is loooooong) - you'd be reading for 3 years max.)!

What's something you want to tick off your list this year?

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