Sydney and NewCastle Adventures // A November Throwback


Oh hey girl, it's me! Yes, I am alive. I am already standing in the corner of shame, don't worry. 

Let's play truth or dare for a sec. I pick truth. Guys, I want to be completely honest with you: it's been two months since I've been to Sydney and I've been back home in Sweden for almost a week now. SAY WHAT?! I feel you if you're like "why even bother then?!" but I really want to show you the pictures!  

This article had been sitting in a word file for I don't even know how long and I've just never gotten around to actually format everything so I could post it on here. Maybe I should just quit this whole blog thing, apparently consistency is not one of my strengths.

I've spent my last days in Australia up in Sydney and Newcastle at my friend's house. 

The first few days in Sydney were kinda boring. The people at the hostel were almost all longterm-residents who weren't able to hang out during the day so I basically just took myself out for walks to explore the city and beach hangs all day. Bondi, Coogee, Manly, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge... you name it, I've seen it. 

On the 26th I got to hang out with my friend Hanae. Little Hanae from Japan and I had lived in the same house during our exchange at La Trobe. She had moved to Sydney for a few months to work and live here before heading back home to Osaka. It was already quite late in the afternoon, so after a quick stop to see the Christmas tree being lit up (which was a bit strange coz if I remember correctly we had 30°C that day....), we went to have dinner together. I’ve never really had the chance to talk or hang out with Hanae much with just the two of us but it wasn't awkward at all and Hanae is probably one of the cutest and nicest people I’ve ever met. I am very much convinced that Little Hanae is mainly made of love. My non-existing heart was full and sad at the same time when saying bye to her and she just didn't want to stop hugging me. 

After our mini-reunion I went to see the band British India play at Metro Theatre. I don’t know them too well but on their Facebook event I read a post from a girl trying to get rid of her tickets for $20 (instead of originally $40) which was definitely a good deal. I sent her a message and transfer her some money praying she’s not trying to trick me. Everything worked out fine though and British India and their two support bands were absolutely incredible. The crowd was super diverse and while I had expected a bunch of drunk post-teens, the majority of people was way over 25+. The lady in front of me danced so wild her partner has a really hard time preventing her from falling over the fence of the slightly elevated dance floor. Two drunk people trying to take care of each other is never a good idea, I’ve been there many times, I know what I’m talking about. It's like the blind leading the blind. 

The next day I was off to Newcastle to see my other ex-flatmate Stacey. We've spent the day exploring the city, eating fish and chips on the beach and terrorising her doggie Max. The next day we treated ourselves to a beach day or as I like to call it: the day of ultimate stupidity. Even though we’d been applying sunscreen over and over again I'd managed to burn myself BIG TIME. While the day you burn yourself is usually quite bearable, the following days are quite often a lot worse. The amount of aloe vera and pain killers I'd been consuming back then was by far not even close to what the package slip recommended. In fact, I had burnt myself so bad, trying to put on clothes the next day was so incredibly painful I spent a hot minute in the bathroom crying actual tears. God bless, ibuprofen. And man, I am glad I didn't take my big backpack for traveling but a suitcase. Wearing a bra with such a burn had been the most uncomfortable thing I've ever experienced in my entire life already, I would have been in big trouble if I had to get from A to B carrying stuff on my back. 

The next day I had taken the train back to Sydney for one my very last day in Australia. In my dorm I had met Amy (27) from South Africa. “Funny, I am going to see a band from South Africa play tonight…” I said to her and her eyes light up. “Jeremy Loops?” She asked with a big smile on her face. “I’m gonna go see them too!!!” Amy asked if I wanna go and have dinner with her but I had just eaten and I really needed to get my suitcase somewhat ready for my flight tomorrow morning so we'd decided to just meet up at the venue later that night.

Sipping on our beers we watched Jeremy’s support act chitchatting about life. If there’s one thing I love, then it’s people watching. Whilst I look through the crowd I notice a girl that looks strangely familiar. I stare at her for a while. Nothing. But then towards the end of the concert I remember… That’s Micky! Micky and I met in Vietnam two years ago. I thought she lived in Adelaide but had completely forgotten that she moved to Sydney for university. The world is indeed a small world. 

After a sleepless night of me desperately trying to find a position that wouldn't make me cry or at least pull a face (which ended up to be exactly none) I took the train to the airport and jumped on a plane taking me to no other place than NEW ZEALAND! 

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