Tassie Adventures // A Throwback to last November


If you think: Hey, I have seen this post before... Well, then you are absolutely right. I am the absolute clumsiest person ever and somehow managed to delete this post without being able to recover it. I have tried everything (even praying...). Because I loved Tasmania so much I didn't just want to move on so here's a re-written-same-same-but-different-kinda post! Enjoy (again....):

Tasmania - never a place that was on top of my bucket list but somehow my housemate Makayla and I are standing at Hobart International Airport, which turns out to be what I like to call a shed. It's  8am in the morning and we're already regretting all our life choices. It's pissing down and the temperatures are close to 0°C. We jump in a taxi to get to our rental car company about 5km from the airport. Why they're not directly located at the airport like other, serious companies already seems a bit shady but WickedCampers is the standard go to for all backpackers in Australia, therefore we just jumped on the bandwagon. We had several issues with them booking our car online already so this could only get better. In the taxi Makayla turns around to me saying "they don't upon until 9am... what should we do?" The taxi driver, meanwhile fighting with a toll gate, says "If I were you... I'd stay here at the airport. It's raining, cold and there's no shelter where you are going."

I look at Makayla. We discuss for a minute and decide to stay at the airport until 9am. Considering that we haven't even left the airport yet and are still circling around the parking lot, the driver turns to Makayla, smiles and says "Alright, that's $8..." Makayla looks at me. He adds "okay, okay, for you it's $3..." but we're still confused. Why would we have to pay for 100m? I give Makayla the money - it's way too early to start a fight with a Tasmanian and I am tired as hell. We get out of the car. For a minute we are completely silent - in shock. Then we look at each other and laugh. But it's a nervous what-the-heck-was-that-let's-hope-the-rest-of-this-vacation-will-be-different-kinda laugh.

Eventually we reach WickedCampers. A bunch of friendly stoner boys run this branch. They show us our car but 1min into the check in Makayla looks inside the car and I can tell from her facial expression that something isn't right. "That's not an automatic. I don't know how to drive a manual!", she says. I can feel anger coming up in me. I told her a million times to pay the $25 extra to have an automatic guaranteed but of course she didn't listen... Before I can yell at her one of the stoner dudes says "let me check if we have something..." He disappears for a second and then comes back telling us that there's one left in maintenance but it could be ready in 30min. Alright then. We wait.

And wait. And 30min quickly turn into 1 1/2 hours. It's noon when we finally hit the road. I am in charge of the aux cord, the tunes are pumping and so is our mood. Until the breaks give up on us going 20km/h, desperately trying to stop at a pedestrian crossing almost killing a bunch of old people while Makayla is flooring it. Great. What's next? I wonder who of us is going to die first... Probably me. I am never lucky with stuff like this. We somehow manage to pull over uphill. "I'm getting the Nutella out of the trunk", I say while Makayla calls the stoners to come save us. After an hour of waiting the main stoner shows up with a Nissan Cube in tiger print design - pretty sexy that cube. He is brave enough to get into the death mobile while we cruise back in the Nissan. "I am not getting back into this car", Makayla says, pointing at the death mobile. The stoner gets the papers ready to give us the Cube for the week and we're, again, off to hit the road. This time for real.

While the start of our Tassie trip was a bit of a roller coaster the rest turned out pretty fucking amazing if I may say so. We've seen so many things, I sometimes still can't grasp how beautiful this part of Australia is. I really don't understand why people make fun of it all the time - we absolutely loved it. 

I could write hours and hours about what we did and what we've seen but I guess it's easier if you just take a look yourself! Enjoy:

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